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About Magno

Madita is leading two workshops together with her husband Magno Shavdia. Magno is Painter and Meditation Leader. The workshops they are leading together are “TANTRA PAINTING – THE SEVEN COLORS OF LOVE. PAINTING AND TRANCES”.

Together they also lead the “LAUGHTER YOGA NIDRA TRAINING”. In this training Magno guides the Laughter Yoga part and Madita the Yoga Nidra.
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About Magno

Magno and MaditaMagno Shavdia studied Mathematics and Art at the University of Tbilisi, Georgia. After teaching Mathematics he totally turnt to painting and worked as an artist. He discovered Yoga and Meditation.Since 1984 he is Osho’s Sannyasin. Magno travelled to India and in the Osho Meditation Resort he was trained as a Meditation leader.

Now Magno is based in Germany. From there he travels to many countries. He does painting exhibitions. He also offers Laughter Yoga workshops and trainings in Meditation and Yoga Centers as well as in Companies. In the Companies his work supports teamwork and a positive working climate. Magno’s Goal : „Bringing People Together In A Joyful, Positive Experience”.