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Madita travels around the world to lead these groups, to know when the next group is happening and when.

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With Magno and Madita

Magno and MaditaLaughter is the best medicine. Its purpose is to drive your body and spirit to a healthier, happier and
more relaxed human being.

Laughter-Yoga is a unique exercise routine, which combines unconditional laughter with deep breathing (Pranayama) exercises.
ANYONE can laugh without relying on humor, jokes or comedy. It is a perfect way to laugh and harmonize your body, heart and soul.

Yoga Nidra is an ancient Yogic technique. It is a deep body relaxation. The experience of the ingoing energy of Yoga Nidra is totally complimentary to the outgoing energy of Laughter Yoga.



We called this group “Tantra Painting”, because Tantra accepts a l l energies as good. It does not reject any energy – but transforms it. Creativity is a natural consequence.workshop

When the energy centers of our body are pulsating with aliveness we are happy.
This highly enjoyable group is about understanding, clearing, experiencing and expressing the energy centers of your body, the chakras.

We will do this by using trance work and painting. This combination of trances and painting is unique. In trance we open the channel of understanding. Clearing and a deep experiencing of each chakra are the results. These we will deepen with energy work and dance.
And when you experience the energy of each chakra you are free now to express it.
This we will do with painting, celebrating the special vibrance and color of each energy point creatively.
We will do this together and alone.
Each chakra has its own feeling and color :
the passion of red for the first,
the sensitive warmth of orange for the second,
the strength of yellow for the third,
the compassion and acceptance of green for the fourth, the coolness of blue for the fifth,
the mystery of violet for the sixth
and the endlessness of white/gold for the seventh.

As we will paint with these colors, moving through the chakras, you will feel how the energy field transforms itself into meditation and peace.


When Osho introduced Hypnosis work in the commune, he called it “DeHypnotherapy” explaining it with the metaphor – “When you have a splinter in your foot, use another splinter to get it out”.

We have a lot of ‘splinters’ in our mind; old limiting beliefs, ideas, and judgments, creating stress and fear which make us nervous and even sick. These conditioning’s prevent us from living a peaceful and joyful life in an intelligent way.

Osho wants us to celebrate life and live beautifully, like poetry. “A housewife cooking, or someone working in an office or a shop, any kind of life you might be living, meditation has to go on, by being present and alert in every activity, 24 hours a day”. (Isan: No footprints in the blue sky).

In this group, hypnotic trance is used as a method to let go of these old splinters in the mind, helping one to live in the moment, because only in the moment one can experience meditation, only in the moment one can express love, live intelligently, laugh and be happy.

This group teaches living without fear, to be in wonder about the mystery that life is, and allowing one to be happy.


For modern Psychology it is most important to understand and support the highest potential of human development. Whether we live in happiness or suffering is a question of consciousness – for the individual as well as for the community. That’s why we have to find a wiser way to live. The good news is that this is really possible.

Positive Psychology strengthens our resources. And from Osho as well as from the Psychology of Buddhism we know that our strongest resource is our heart. True peace is only in the heart. And everything beautiful in life comes from here – love, trust, self-respect, emotional intelligence, friendship, joy, inner freedom.

In this group we explore together the wisdom of the heart. We experience how the wisdom of the heart transforms the dualities of the mind into complementaries. Through Osho’s universal insights, understanding, heart-meditations, exercises for opening our heart we will experience how the wisdom of our heart transforms our life in a beautiful way.

“Your task is not to seek love, but merely to find and remove all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. “



This guided meditation contains hypnosis for healing the body and the mind. 7 days, 1 hour daily.

This guided meditation is about making friends with yourself.

In deep relaxation you learn to communicate with your body and with your unconscious mind.You experience how you can activate your self healing energies , how your unconscious mind can dissolve old patterns and create new ways of living . The connection between body, mind and soul is getting harmonized. Pain, diseases, unhealthy habits begin to dissolve and to heal.

This meditation is the very last one we received from Osho. It was designed by Madita under Osho’s direct guidance.

Introducing this technique Osho said : „The idea is that people need to be taught how to make friends with their body. This is a very deep experience. Through it you can arrive at a new understanding of your mind-body mechanism and its ability to heal itself“.


Do you want success in your life?
Whether you want to create successful relationships, whether you want to be successful in your business, whether you want to enjoy your creativity more successfully, whether success means for you to have a satisfied and joyful heart – this workshop is for you.

You will learn to take the necessary steps towards success in the outer world. But since success does not necessarily mean to have much money you will also experience the right understanding for success in the inner world : self love and peace.
You will reach clarity what success truly means for you and how you can reach it.
You will understand what blockages have been in the way up to now and how they created inner stress. We will dehypnotize your mind from old fears and limiting beliefs, freeing you to behave in new rewarding ways.
In short : you create a new mind for a new successful life.


We all know how it feels to be stressed.
Especially when we have to deal with important challenges like an exam or an approaching deadline.

We all know that this feeling of inner tension eventually can create bodily symptoms . Headaches, stomachpains, inner restlessness, sleeping disturbances and other irritations are known to most of us. Latest research even says that 95% of ALL modern deseases are stress related!
In these days we will practice to transform stress into a lifeenergy which can flow and express itself creatively.

This works only by learning how to RELAX with challenging situations. These situations are one of the „suchness“ of human life, so it is extremely helpful to learn how to accept them and to relax with them.

We will practice HOW to connect in difficult times with your inner resources, your acceptance of  “what is” and your meditation. By doing so these challenging situations turn into something like “the salt in the soup”, situations which make life interesting, which can mobilize your creativity and might lead to positive changes in your life.


Using Hypnosis to turn your mind into a friend who supports a life of meditation. If you feel the longing to move from problem to awareness, from catharsis to inner silence, from worries to a sense of wonder, this group can open the gate.
You will learn to relax, let go of the past and respect and love yourself. You will learn practical tools for your daily life, helping you to connect with your inner silence whenever you want. Once your mind experiences the value of meditation it will cooperate, helping you to recognize and enjoy the mysteries of life.

“Hypnosis can serve health, it can serve love, it can serve friendliness, it can serve courage: all that you want, hypnosis and self hypnosis can help you. It can make you ready for being alone, silent, peaceful, it can make you able to continue an inner current of meditation twenty-four hours.”

Osho: Satyam Shivam Sundram


This group is about healing, discovering inner resources and learning to be at peace with yourself and your life.

Most of us carry wounds in our emotional body. But just as your physical body knows how to heal itself your emotions can heal. Our unconscious mind contains all the resources to heal, to relax and to live a fulfilled life.

We will work with different trance-techniques in order to initiate and support the healing of those wounds from the past.
It has taken a lot of energy to protect these old wounds. When you finally can let go of them you will enjoy your life energies in a fresh and creative way. This creates wellbeing in the present and allows you to really notice and enjoy how life presents itself in the here and now.

“Hypnosis can serve health, it can serve love, it can serve friendliness, it can serve courage : all that you want hypnosis and selfhypnosis can help you. It can make you ready for being alone, silent, peaceful, it can help you to continue an inner current of meditation twenty-four hours“.



Most human beings long to be happy. But usually we believe that happiness is possible only when certain conditions are fulfilled – this might be a new love, a better paid job or a more beautiful apartment.

And yet, there are people who have all of this and still feel unhappy.
The reason is that in order to experience happiness a certain state of consciousness is needed. Without this consciousness you can have all the riches of this world and still feel dissatisfied and frustrated.

Together we will practice the steps of understanding and experience the meditations which can create this state of consciousness.
How we think makes us feel in a certain way. How we feel makes us act in a certain way. That means when we change our ways of thinking we change our life.

You will learn ways of thinking and understanding that will make your life more joyful and happy.
In this group we will use hypnotic trance technics to encourage your unconscious mind to support your happiness.

“Hypnosis can serve health, it can serve love, it can serve friendliness, it can serve courage : all that you want hypnosis and self-hypnosis can help you.” Osho


What we are preoccupied by has a major impact on how we live. When we become „entranced“ by negative self-talk, worry and doubt, we may not even be aware of it. But the result can be low energy, lack of self-esteem, being controlled by mood swings, ill health or not achieving what we know we really are capable of. In the same way that clouds can obscure the sun, the preoccupied mind distracts us from our essential effortless Being.

You will learn :

  • –  How you in particular become clouded and what are the triggers.
  • –  How to seperate out confused and entangled mental absorptions.
  • –  How to change negative internal dialogue.
  • –  How to reinforce and return to desirable states.
  • –  How to communicate with your unconscious mind.
  • –  How to elicit your key values – as steps to your blessed state.
  • –  How to transform your relationship to yourself.
  • –  To love and repect yourself as you are.

Do you know this feeling : Your head is so full of worrying, thinking, planning that your whole life seems to be nothing but stress. Really – a phoenix could rise next to you and you would not notice him.

Well, this group does not promise you meetings with mythical creatures, but it supports you in noticing again and taking care of all that is beautiful in your life. Children have shiny eyes, because the sense of wonder is still alive in them. In this group you will reconnect with this magical child inside you. In hypnotic trances, in play and meditations you will discover that this child is still alive inside you. It lives in your unconscious mind and we will invite it back into your life. This will bring you in direct contact with the endless source of joyful energy which in our modern life we had forgotten.

You will discover how much beauty and mystery is happening in your life already and is going to happen in future. For this discovery a certain state of consciousness is required, which allows you to invite and to experience the sense of wonder. Together we will practice the steps of understanding and the meditations that can create this state of consciousness . As Osho says : „ Life is a mystery to be lived and not a problem to be solved“.


Goal : To unfold the mystery, wisdom and power of your Superconscious
To experience how this improves your intuition and opens new doors to a higher quality of life.

This group process uses Hypnosis and Meditation together to connect with the mystery, wisdom and power of your Superconscious. We will use hypnotic trance-states so that your mind can relax and receive the knowings of your Superconscious. These knowings of the Superconscious can give meaning and answers to your life. You will learn practical tools to apply the light of your Superconscious to hidden resources of your being. You will also experience how to fall in resonance with nature, so that nature brings you closer to the divine spirit. And it is the Superconscious that knows how to receive this spirit.
“This is a pioneer effort to bring Hypnosis and Meditation together for the first time. But together they can be tremendously great. They can bring you so much light, so much blissfulness – and so easily”.
(OSHO, The Great Pilgrimage)

For Whom :
For everybody ready to move deeply on the path to the inside and live his highest values.
“Once mind accepts enlightenment as a better way of life, you have destroyed the greatest enemy. Then mind also starts using the insights of enlightenment and is willing to change itself. Once the mind is convinced that enlightenment gives you a better life, a more refined, graceful life, a more blissful life mind is intelligent enough to go beyond itself.
(OSHO, Isan, No Footprints In The Blue Sky)


Using hypnosis and trance–work we learn to transform jealousy. It is not as easy as we would like because jealousy is not rational. The part of the unconscious mind, which is still a little child, feels deeply threatened.In this group we will begin with acceptance – not by beating ourselves up for being jealous. By using hypnosis and various trance- techniques we then can return to self-love and self-respect. We will also be using hypnosis to motivate the unconscious mind towards meditation.Our goal is to experience love that comes from the fullness of an emperor rather than the need of a beggar.

As the mystic Bodhidharma has been saying : „ You are the master of your destiny. You can change every habit. You can change what you think. You can create a totally new individuality, fresh and young with more awareness, with more understanding, with blissfulness, with more ecstasy. “Bodhidharma : The Great Zen Master”.